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Elk Run Church Museum Finishes Outside Tasks and Begins Interior Painting

July 24, 2010

VDOT approved the gravel parking lot in late May, and Karl Hertag installed the stained and water proofed wooden hand rails on the handicap ramps on 22 May. Becky Garber later that day completed puttying the nail holes in the trim and T-111 panels. By 14 July the interior walls were painted. Once this work was completed, we applied for a final inspection and occupancy permit.

The Germanna Foundation visited the Elk Run Church site and Mini-Museum on Friday, 16 July as part of their 2010 Annual Conference.




Another Outside Task is Completed

April 2, 2010

The Museum parking lot area was finished with a heavy layer of 21A stone material by Matthew Gulick on 2 April.
A VDOT inspection will be scheduled in the near future. Staining and installing the finished wooden hand rails
on the handicap ramps will be our next outside objective. Painting the Museum interior walls will be scheduled soon.


Help needed painting the inside and finishing up the outside

March 7, 2010

Today, Karl Hertag assisted Frankie Dodson in putting up the Porch ceiling and helping Frankie install the maintenance free fascia and soffit covering on the Museum. Frankie Dodson is a friend of one of our volunteer carpenters, Mark Barber, and works for a Siding Company. He did an excellent job and at a fraction of the cost of original estimates. Another major milestone has been completed and photos of finished work are below.

Installing the finished wooden hand rails on the handicap ramps and completing the parking lot area with a heavy layer of 21A stone material will be our next outside objectives. Inside, the countersinking of nail holes and puttying them will be started as soon as the weather stays around 50 degrees or higher. Painting the Museum interior walls will have to wait for warmer weather.

Volunteers will be needed to do both inside and outside tasks. Please let me know what tasks and times are best for you so that keys, materials and assistance can be provided.



Museum interior almost finished; outside work needed for building approval

December 6, 2009

With Karl Hertag’s carpentry skills we reached another major milestone by installing the remaining inside corner trim, window trim and door trim, including the countersinking of almost all of the nail holes.



After Christmas we will need volunteers to putty nails holes, etc to prepare the interior walls for a final coat of paint. Let us know what time is best for you so that keys, materials and assistance can be provided.

Now that the major inside work is done, the remaining outside building tasks need to be completed so we can get our final building approval early next year. They include installing 1/2 inch painted plywood ceiling under the porch roof, installing finished wooden hand rails on the handicap ramps, installing the soffit board under and behind the fascia trim and completing the parking lot area with a heavy layer of 21A stone material.

Also, Sarah Gulick is working on an initial set of Museum Wall history display items and we hope to provide you with a progress report on that after the Holidays.

It will be one year ago on 9 December that we got our Building Permits approved and started planning for putting the roof on our Museum. We want to thank all of you who made this possible and the progress we have achieved thus far.

We wish everyone Merry Christmas, Good Health and a Happy Holiday Season.

Volunteers complete museum wall panels & some trim work

November 15, 2009

Volunteer carpenters, Mark Barber and Karl Hertag have finished installing the remaining 15 T-111 wall panels. The baseboard, ceiling trim and outside corner trim is also completed, leaving the trim around the three windows, door and inside corners to be completed

museum-panels-installed-nov-09-002-2 museum-panels-installed-nov-09-007-1

Volunteers needed to help install wall panels

October 19, 2009

Since our 12 September event, we submitted needed changes to our Electric Plan for the Museum and received approval from the County pending the fixes to be made. We also got approval to install the wall insulation which Becky Garber and I completed last Wednesday.


I will contact the electrician on Monday to see if he can make the fixes this week so I can call for a final electric and close-in Inspection hopefully by this Friday. If this can be accomplished, I will need some volunteers with carpentry skills and tools to assist next Saturday, 24 October from 9am to 3pm, to begin installing the white T-111 wall panels that are in storage at Bylers in Catlett.

Please let me know if you can assist in this next stage of construction so I can plan on moving the T-111 panels to the Museum site. There is not sufficient space in the Museum for storage or cutting, so the panels will have to be measured and cut outside on saw horses before installation.

Since weather will be a factor, I will let everyone know by Friday afternoon if we need to cancel. Refreshments will be provided.

Celebration of History Preservation Effort

September 12, 2009

The highlight for the Elk Run Church Museum this year was its participation in kicking-off southern Fauquier’s “Tour in Time” Celebration. This event initiated a day-long celebration of the settlement of Fauquier County as part of the County’s 250th Anniversary.

It started with a 9:30 am Ribbon Cutting at the Museum and focused on what the Elk Run Church Site Preservation Committee, and the Community at- large, had accomplished thus far in preserving this historical landmark. A re-excavated segment of the 250-year old Church foundation was show-cased within the Museum itself.

The all-day Elk Run celebration included 1700’s Music, Colonial Life Demonstrations, Period Re-enactors, Fauquier Indian Artifacts, Germantown Exhibit, Living Historians, and history Authors.

Morning refreshments were provided by St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Women, and the local Elk Run Store sold lunch items and drinks. During the day school busses moved visitors from Elk Run to Mary Walters Elementary School where there was 1800’s and 1900’s Exhibits, also connected with Goldvein for their exhibits, and then back to Elk Run.

Guests included Supervisor C. Stribling and descendents of the first minister of the Elk Run Church, Reverend James Keith (1744-1752), and other notables. A financial gift was provided by Supervisor Stribling on behalf of the County Supervisors that will enable the Committee to install the much needed wall insulation and T-111 panels. Future donations will be used to complete the Museum history wall panels which have already been drafted.

The Elk Run Church Site volunteers need your financial support in order to achieve this important Historic Park goal. We appeal to you for help in establishing and preserving this remarkable treasure.

Your gift will help us reach our goal and secure the rightful place of Elk Run Church in the history of Colonial churches in Virginia. Checks may be made payable to “Elk Run Church Site Preservation Fund” and sent in care of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 8538 Greenwich Road, Catlett, VA 20119. Donations are tax deductible.




“Finding Our Foundation” Elk Run Museum Exhibit Plans

September 8, 2009


Electric installed and more

September 6, 2009

We got a lot done again this past week. The electric was installed, passed initial inspection, and power turned on for our 12 Sept celebration.  Ed will pick up a temporary occupancy permit this coming Tuesday.


Becky Garber, one of our long-time archaeological assistants, got the excavated foundation completed Sunday, including painting the top interior concrete rim of the foundation a brown color that will match the dirt in the lower excavated unit.


The temporary wood rails on the handicap ramps were completed and Karl Hertag rounded and sanded the edges Saturday morning.

A White Primer has been applied to all of the outside trim and Porch area and gives the building a fresh completed look. A finish coat will need to be applied after the 12 Sept event.

Matthew Gulick removed the remainder of the debris but some more stone dust needs to be placed on our entrance path and handicap parking area.

A Handicap Parking Sign has been provided by Home Depot, Manassas and will need to be installed early this week after Handicap Parking area is completed.

Windows inside and outside still need to be cleaned, screens installed, and some touch up painting to be done inside before Wednesday.

Sarah Gulick is completing the cover for the 12 Sept Program and it will be filled with a lot of good information on Elk Run.

Donations are still greatly needed and my thanks to those who have been able to contribute and/or assist us with this effort thus far. Every little bit helps.

Our largest remaining expenditures continue to be the bricklayer’s final payment, including additional cost for installing the brick columns. The next and largest cost remaining is that of completing the preparation of the framing and display of our history items estimated at $3,000 to $3,500. The last item will be the purchase of an exterior Interpretative Sign frame ($410) for Archaeological work done there between1999-2006 and preparation of the material for the sign display (about $900).

Those of you who are able to attend this Saturday’s function please let Ed Dandar know. We look forward to seeing you!


Elk Run Church Museum Celebrates Its History Preservation Effort

August 31, 2009

The highlight for Elk Run Church Museum is on 12 September when it will kick-off southern Fauquier’s Tour in Time Celebration with a 9:30 am Ribbon Cutting on what we have accomplished to date in preserving this historical landmark.

The all-day Elk Run celebration will include 1700’s Music, Colonial Life Demonstrations, Period Re-enactors, Fauquier Indian Artifacts, Germantown Exhibit, Living Historians, and Authors. Morning refreshments will be provided by the ECW and the Elk Run Store will be selling lunch items and drinks.

School busses will move folks from Elk Run to Mary Walters Elem. School where there will be 1800’s and 1900’s Exhibits. Bus transportation will also connect with Goldvein for their exhibits and then back to Elk Run.

Guests include Senator R. Stuart, Supervisor C. Stribling, School Board members, the Keith Family and other notables.

Come out and support our Elk Run Church Museum colonial displays and enjoy all the other Tour in Time history exhibits. More information on “Tour N Time” events can be viewed at www.fauquierhistorylive.org