Family names in the Elk Run area during the colonial period

(Now Southern Fauquier County, Virginia)

Family name information is gathered from historic research on the Colonial-era Elk Run Anglican Church, its surrounding community, and the first Rector, the Rev. James Keith.

Family name information obtained on adjacent Anglican Parishes or from other Prince William County public documents is also listed.

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A List of Taxpayers for Hamilton Parish, 1751

Index of Slave Names in Western Dettingen Parish, 1747

Page from 1860 Fauquier County, Virginia Slave Schedule

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The Ruth E. Lloyd Information Center of the Prince William County Library (Bull Run Branch) has greatly assisted the Committee in their research efforts.

Elk Run Valley – Soldiers

In a two volume book to be published sometime in 2011, currently entitled “The Elk Run Valley – A History 1688-1800 by Joan W. Peters, CG, she identifies the soldiers and officers who came from this area and fought in the French and Indian War. Later in the book she also lists those soldiers and officers serving in the various local militias who fought in the American Revolutionary War.

Joan W. Peters, CG has given us permission to list the soldiers and officers from Elk Run Valley who fought in these two wars on our Web Site as a public service to our viewers. The general geographical boundaries for Elk Run Valley encompassed in this book includes an area bounded by the Prince William County Line in the East, the Stafford County Line in the South, 2-3 miles west of Rte 610 (Midland Road) in the West, and 3-4 miles south of Rte 28 in the North.

Culpeper Minute Battalion Officers
& Soldiers from Elk Run Valley

Private Samuel Baker
Private David Blackwell
Private Joseph Blackwell,
Captain William Blackwell
Private William Bronaugh Jr.
Lieutenant Peter Conway
Private John Grant
Lieutenant William Nelson
Private Daniel Orear
Sergeant George Seaton
Prince William Minute Battalion
Private David Wickliffe

French & Indian War Officers
and Soldiers from Elk Run Valley

Captain John Ashby Sr.
Captain/Lieutenant Colonel William Blackwell
Ensign /Lieutenant, & Captain William Bronaugh
Ensign Benjamin Bullitt Cadet/Lieutenant, & Captain Thomas Bullitt John Combs, soldier
Lieutenant William Conway
Thomas Conway, soldier
Moses Coppage, soldier
Captain John Crump
John Edwards, soldier
Captain/Major William Eustace
John Finnie, soldier
Captain William Grant
Major/Colonel Thomas Harrison
Captain Lynaugh Helms
Captain John James
Jeffrey Johnson, soldier
George Turberville Kenner, Militia Officer
Captain/Major Howson Kenner

Edward Lawrence, soldier
John Luttrell, soldier
Samuel Luttrell, soldier
John Markham, soldier & POW, 1761
John Pope
Lieutenant Thomas Raley
George Seaton, soldier Lieutenant James Seaton
Francis Triplett, soldier, wounded in skirmish
Ensign Original Young
Dunmore’s War, 177 4
Tobias Wood, soldier Sergeant John Combs

Virginia Continental Line Officers
& Soldiers from the Elk Run Valley

Ensign/Lieutenant Nathaniel Ashby, 3rd Virginia Regiment
Private Moses Baker, 3rd Virginia Regiment
Private/Sergeant Major & Adjutant Richard Eustace Beale, 3rd Virginia Lieutenant/ Captain John Blackwell, 3rd Virginia (later Major &
General, Virginia Militia)
Joseph Blackwell (later Quartermaster & Major, Fauquier Militia)
Cadet Joseph Blackwell, 3rd Virginia; Lieutenant/Captain, 10th Virginia
(later Colonel, Fauquier County Militia)

Soldier/Sergeant & Ensign, Thomas Blackwell, 1st Virginia Captain, 10th Virginia Lieutenant Colonel, Fauquier Militia

Captain William Blackwell, 11th Virginia (formerly Captain, Culpeper Minute Battalion)
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Bullitt, (later Adjutant General,
Virginia Troops)
Private John Coppage, 3rd Virginia

Fauquier County Militia Officers
& Soldiers from the Elk Run Valley

Private Richard Luttrell, Captain Benjamin Harrison’s Company &
Ensign, Captain Thomas Conway’s Company
Private Robert Luttrell, Captain John Ball’s Company
Private Rodham Luttrell, Captain Benjamin Harrison’s Company
Sergeant Reuben Murray, Captain Turner Morehead’s CompanyEnsign Joseph Nelson
Ensign Thomas Nelson
Ensign Benjamin Pope Captain William Pope Lieutenant John Peters Lieutenant Hubbard Prince
Private/Sergeant George Seaton, Captain Benjamin Harrison’s CompanyEnsign William Seaton
Private Armistead Shumate, Captain Thomas Helm’s Company
Berryman Shumate, Captain Thomas Helm’s Company
Lieutenant Daniel Shumate, resigned 1781
Private Samuel Shumate, Captain Samuel Blackwell’s Company
Private Philip Spiller, Captain John Ball’s Company
Captain Francis Triplett
Captain William Triplett’s Cavalry, Fauquier County Militia
Ensign Rodham Tulloss Ensign William Wickliffe
Private James Wood, Captain Benjamin Harrison’s Company

Provided by Joan W, Peters, CG