Dedication of State Historical Marker

October 21, 2000


On March 13, 2000, The Old Elk Run Church Preservation Committee submitted a package to Virginia’s Department of Historic Resources for consideration of a historic highway marker for the church site. On June 14, it was approved. The dedication ceremony was held on October 21, 2000, and the sign was revealed.

Sign reads: “Settlers began moving into this region of Fauquier County in the early 1700s. By the 1740s, a wooden church structure served Anglican communicants in Elk Run. It provided pastoral care as well as secular administration for this active frontier community. The first permanent minister, the Reverend James Keith, grandfather of Chief Justice John Marshall served this church and the rest of Hamilton Parish from the 1740s until his death in 1752. A bring cruciform structure replaced the first church by the late 1750s. After the Revolutionary War and disestablishment, many churches were abandoned. By 1811, the Elk Run Church had fallen into disuse and ruin.”


Event Program:

Elk Run Church Site
Preservation Committee Dedication Ceremony For
State Historical Marker of Virginia
Saturday, October 21, 2000
11:00 AM

Host – The Revrend Roma Maycock, Rector, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Catlett, Virginia

Pre-Ceremony Music – Mr. Michael Calhoun

Welcoming Remarks – Col. (Ret.) Edward F. Dandar Jr. Chairman, Preservation Committee

Invocation – The Rev. Roma Maycock

Hymn “Praise To God”

Recognition of Honored Guests – Mrs. Jackie Lee

Historical Address – Carl R. Lounsbury, Architectural Historian, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Unveiling of Historical Highway Marker

Special Thanks


End of Ceremony

Refreshments Courtesy of Elk Run Citizens and
The Episcopal Church Women of St. Stephen’s and St. James’ Churches



Mr. Douglas A. Allison
Mr. & Mrs. Ansel
Mr. Ronald D. Bachman
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin V. Baird, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Bartenstein
Mr. & Mrs. Henrey L. Baxley, Jr.
Mrs. C. McGhee Baxter
Mr. Stuyvesant K. Bearns
Mr. & Mrs. Melville H. Bearns III
Mrs. Ann Keith Bertram
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bills
Mr. & Mrs. C. David Binning
Mr. & Mrs. H.B. Blackwell
Mr. Theodore Evergrim Blake II
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Blazy
Dr. Joseph M. Bolil
Mr. David Botts
Boy Scout Troop 1177, Midland, VA
Boy Scout Troop 10, Warrenton, VA
Mrs. Kathryn T. Bowling-Shade
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brinkham
Mrs. Ann Britton
Mr. & mrs. Leslie Broaddus
Mrs. Elizabeth Browning
Mr. Louis Browning
Mr. David Buckwalter
Mr. James L. Buffin
Mr. Wilbur W. Burton
Mr. Michael Calhoun
Catlett IGA
Catlett-Calverton-Casanova Ruritan Club
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Chilton
Christ Anglican Church
Mr. Edward N. Cooper
Ms. Geradine Crittenden
Dr. Patricia Curry
Col. & Mrs. Edward F. Dandar, Jr.
Data Processing Unit, Army Nat. Guard
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Diocese of Virginia
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