Thank you to all our donors!

Latest Donors:

James Olmstead
Richard J. Gookin
Marianne White
Earnest Porta Jr.
William Erwin, Jr.
John & Phyllis Dodson
Michael Wallace
NOVA Concrete
ProductsElizabeth White Brown – In Honor of Ms. Mary Ann White (NC), Mr. and Mrs. Larry McMahon (MS), Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Janes (MS), and Mrs. Wilma McDonald (MS)
Eleanor Patton Goodwin – In Memory of A.W. Patton
John Goodwin
Betsy and Stuart Houston
John C. Peak

Recent contributors to preserving the site as a Historic Park:

Juliana Babicz
BB&T Bank, Warrenton
Johnny Brooks
Elizabeth White Brown
Keith Brown, Mississippi – In honor of  Mary Ann White
Crider & Shockey Concrete, Bealeton
Byler Buildings, Catlett
Read deButts
Mr. Josh DeVan
Professor Barry Erdeljon, Marymount University
Ms. Lisa Erdeljon
Ruth Eskridge
The Fauquier Bank, Warrenton
Gail R. Fleischaker
Becky Garber
Ms. Sarah Gulick
Carl & Patricia Hirst
Innovative Concrete
J. Frank Keith, II
John Franklin Keith, II
John Franklin Keith, III
John Franklin Keith, IV
Jeffrey and Laura (Keith) Phillips & Brian Alan Keith – In Honor of Larry A. Keith, direct line of David Keith (Ga. 1765-1844), and coordinator of ‘The Keith Genealogy Book Project’ and
Jackie Lee
Rod Loggins
Luck Stone, Bealeton Plant
Brenda Matthews
Melissa Matthews
Mrs. Carol Miller, Architect
Mr. Greg Miller
Lyle & Nancy Minter

James T. and Caroline Parkinson, III
William C. and Jacqueline E. Patton
Lorene Payne
Mr. Morris Payne
Daniel & Margaret Riley
Ray and Mary Root, Surveyors
Rev. John & Harriet Runkle
Mary Keith Russell
Kevin A. Sanford, KC Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Suzanne Scheer
Dan & Elaine Shea/Blymyer
Southern Fauquier Historical Society, Inc.
St. James’ Episcopal Church, Warrenton
Stone Center, ManassasAndrea Wallace
Joy Watkins
Chris Wilson
Mr. Jeff Woodward

In Honor of The Reverend James Keith and Mary Isham Randolph Keith and youngest son, Lt. Alexander Keith of Fauquier County, Virginia – Mary Ann White

In Memory of William Leareus Keith and John Franklin Keith – Vadine Keith White

Fauquier County Board of Supervisors
First Colony Homes in Calverton, Virginia
Glen-Gery Corporation Capitol Plant
Marymount University
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Women (ECW)
Studio Up! website and video
Summit Roofing Contractors, Inc.
Vulcan Construction Materials, LP, Warrenton, VA

Early Business Sponsors who helped start the preservation effort:

Mr. Robin C. Gulick, P.C., Attorney at Law, Warrenton, Virginia
Lane Enterprises, Inc., Metal Products Division, Bealeton, Virginia
Catlett IGA Market
Trenis Exxon & True Value Hardware, Catlett, Virginia
Cateltt Station Antiques, Catlett, Virginia
Kelmar, Inc, Midland, Virginia
Remington Press, Remington, Virginia
Smith-Midland Corp., Midland, Virginia
Elk Run Store, Midland, Virginia

Early Organization Sponsors who helped start the preservation effort:

The Heritage Society
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Catlett, Virginia
St. James’ Episcopal Church, Warrenton, Virginia
Grace Episcopal Church, Casanova, Virginia
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Remington, Virginia
Friends of Fauquier County Library
Mr. Jospeh M. Bolil, D.S.S., Family Dentistry, Nokesville, Virginia

Early Individual Sponsors who helped start the preservation effort:

Mrs. Jackie Lee, Director of Old Jail Museum
Richard and Betty Gookin
Paul and Roma Maycock
Elk Run Village Residents
The Reverend and Mrs. James A. Hammond
Donna and Ronald Hick, Bristerburg, Virginia

All Contributing Businesses who made it possible to save and preserve the site:

Appleton Campbell, Inc.
Catlett IGA
Country Chevrolet
F&M Bank
First Union Securities, Purcellville, VA
The Fauquier Bank
Kelmar, Inc.
Lane Enterprises, Inc. Metal Products Div.
Meadows Electric
Petrone & Associates
Bryan H. Sanford, Complete Electric Svc.
Kevin A. Sanford, KC Electrical Contr.
Trenis Hardware Store
Walker, Jones, Lawrence, Duggan & Savage, P.C.

All Contributing Organizations who made it possible to save and preserve the site:

Boy Scout Troop 1177, Midland, VA
Boy Scout Troop 10, Warrenton, VA
Catlett-Calverton-Casanova Ruritan Club
Christ Anglican Church
Data Processing Unit, Army Nat. Guard
Diocese of Virginia
Edward D. Evans Foundation
Fauquier County Bar Association
Fauquier County Board of Supervisors
The Hamilton Family Foundation
The Kings Daughters & Sons
The Margaret Spilman Bowden Foundation
Peidmont Region XIII Diocese
Remington Community Partnership
St. James Episcopal Church
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Virginia Department of Transportation

All Individual & Family Contributors who made it possible to save and preserve the site:

Mr. Douglas A. Allison
Mr. & Mrs. Ansel
Charles J. Ashby
Mr. Ronald D. Bachman
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin V. Baird, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Bartenstein
Mr. & Mrs. Henrey L. Baxley, Jr.
Mrs. C. McGhee Baxter
Mr. Stuyvesant K. Bearns
Mr. & Mrs. Melville H. Bearns III
William David Bell
Mrs. Ann Keith Bertram
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bills
Mr. & Mrs. C. David Binning
Mr. & Mrs. H.B. Blackwell
Mr. Theodore Evergrim Blake II
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Blazy
Dr. Joseph M. Bolil
Mr. David Botts
Mrs. Kathryn T. Bowling-Shade
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brinkham
Mrs. Ann Britton
Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Broaddus
Katherine  Brown
Mrs. Elizabeth Browning
Mr. Louis Browning
Mr. David Buckwalter
Mr. James L. Buffin
Mr. Wilbur W. Burton
Mr. Michael Calhoun
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Chilton
Mr. Edward N. Cooper
Ms. Geradine Crittenden
Dr. Patricia Curry
Col. & Mrs. Edward F. Dandar, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. deButts
Emily Dodge
Mrs. George W. Dodge
Mr. Marshall De F. Doeller
Mrs. William Doeller
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Donelson
Dr. & Mrs. John T. Eddins & Family
Mrs. Mary Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Ericsson
Mr. Kenneth Eskridge
Miss Ruth Eskridge
Mrs. Sally Federer
Hon. & Mrs. George Fitch
Gail R. Fleischaker
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Flournoy
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Forney
John H. Gibbons
Mrs. Sarah Logan Good
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Gookin
Mr. John K. Gott
Mr. Henry Green
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gruszewski
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Gulick
Mr. Robin Gulick
Ms. Sarah Gulick
Mr. & Mrs. William Gulick & Family
John and Betty Hall
Rev. Anne Hallmark, Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Mr. James C. Hamilton, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. R. Barry Hamilton
Ms. Nicole Hamann
The Rev. James Hammond
Mrs. Anne D. Hermann
Dr. & Mrs. James O. Hodgkin
Mr. & Mrs. Florian N. Hofer
Mrs. Garret Horsley
Betsy and Stuart Houston
Mr. Fred Hufnagel
Mrs. Rosalie Hughes
Mr. Jeffrey Hume
Mary Doyle Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Johnson
Mrs. Audrey Jones
Lelia M. Kehoe
The Honorable James Keith
Miss Elizabeth Keith
Mr. Taylor S. Keith
Mr. Thomas R. Keith
Mr. John Kaeith
Mr. & Mrs. James Keith
The Honorable M. Laighrne Keith
Mr. Lawrence A Keith
Mr. John Dudley Keith, Jr.
Dr. Aileen Laing
Mrs. Ellen Browning
Mrs. Lelia Lawrence
Mr. & Mrs. Robert deT. Lawrence IV
Mrs. Jackie Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Leigh, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lyons
James C. Macomber
Mr. John R. Marshall
Mr. John Marshall
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Martin
Mrs. Roberta Browning Mason
Elizabeth B. Matthews
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Maycock
Ms. Linda S. McCarthy
Hon. Sharon G. McCamy
Mr. J.S. McClinton, Jr.
Ms. Minnie S. McMichael
Mrs. Mary Joan Messing
Mr. James E Miller
The Rev. & Mrs. Larry Murphy
Ms. Sarah Murphy
Mr. Robert & Connie Nash
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Nelms
Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie Neville
Mrs. Jane M. Norden
Mrs. Blanche O’Connell
Mrs. Mary O’Shaughnessy
Mr. James Olmstead
Mr. & Mrs. A.W. Patton
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Patton
Mrs. Hope Porter
Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Power
The Rev. Phyllis Price
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pritchett
Mr. Clayton L. Rains, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Richardson
Susan Keith Ricketts
Mr. Frank Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Ripley Robinson
Mr. Keith Rose
David D. Rowe
Susan W. Russell
Mr. Monty Rust
Mr. John Salmon, VHR
Mr. & Mrs. Julian W. Scheer
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Scherer
Donald Schupp Jr.
Mrs. Phyllis T. Scott
Mr. & Mrs. DeWitt Searles
Mr. Charles H. Seilheimer, Jr.
R. Keith Severin
Mrs. Elizabeth Sewell
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sherman
Mr. & Mrs. James Shreve
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shumate
Mrs. Judith Keith Browning Sikes
Mrs. Anne Brooke Smith
Mrs. Margaret H. Stephens
Patrons of Elk Run Store
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Story
Mrs. Katherine B. Swanson
Mr. & Mrs. Lee W. Swift, Jr.
Mr. George Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. C. Hunton Tiffany
Mr. John T. Toler
Mr. & Mrs. Maximilian A. Tufts
Mrs. Sally Tufts
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Turner, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. L. John Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wade
Mr. Michael Wallace
Ms. Joy Watkins
Mr. & Mrs. Birge Watkins
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Weber
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Weir
Hon. & Mrs. Charles S. Whitehouse
Mr. William N. Wilbur
Mr. Norman F. Williams
Mrs. Barbara Wilson
Hon. & Mrs. Joe Winkelmann
The Rev. & Mrs. John Winter
Mr. & Mrs. John Wise
Mrs. Anne O. Grimsley Wood
Mr. & MRs. Norman Woodward
Mrs. Dot Wright

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